Life at sail

Up for the SAIL adventure?

Whether it be at Head Office or in store, teamwork is integral and takes place in a relaxed, yet dynamic environment. Our management team believes strongly in the importance of communication, which is why team meetings are held frequently at every level.

For us, passion for the outdoors is a true source of inspiration. However, our customers’ and colleagues’ stories are also an inspiration to us! It is extremely motivating to be surrounded by people with whom you can share your passions, as well as the best techniques in the outdoors and most beautiful places to visit.

Speaking of which, the social committee organizes activities frequently where we do new things together and get to know each other better.

Are you just as passionate about the outdoors as us? Come join the SAIL adventure and continue your story with us. No matter the career you have in mind, training and continued professional development will be a part of the plan, and that’s a promise!

Come and reach new heights with us.

* This video clip was filmed in 2019. Since then, certain employees have grown within the company. For example, Caroline is now Assistant Department Manager, Online Ordering.

Reaching new heights

At SAIL, we are the experienced guides for our customers’ next adventure, and we want to offer the best advice for them to make sound decisions. That’s why we invest in training our employees so that they may reach the highest heights in terms of expertise.

In store and at Head Office, it’s possible to advance and to develop at your own speed, thanks to the different training sessions and programs offered. Here are some examples of the training we offer, and there’s something for everyone!

The Big SAIL Adventure

As of your first day, you’ll embark on the Big SAIL Adventure: our Welcome and Onboarding Program. This program will allow you to learn the ropes in your new position by following the SAIL roadmap alongside a seasoned guide. This person will help you along until there is no stone left unturned!

Customer Service

Being a part of your story means helping you develop your competencies, including your customer service skills. We have created a series of initiatives, including the Capstan training modules, that get their name from the navy. (On a ship, the capstan is used to combine the strength of every crew member to hoist the sails more easily). Meaning that, at SAIL, we all work together and go in the same direction.

Product Knowledge Sessions

Want to become the outdoors specialist among your friends? Great! Because we organize frequent training sessions to encourage product knowledge and to get to know what’s new in the field. At SAIL, we never stop learning!

Professional Skill Development

As a Head Office employee, you’ll have access to training that will help you develop your professional skills, no matter your position.

Management training

We also invest a lot of energy into empowering our managers. We offer new training sessions every year that will help you support your team effectively and aim higher continually.

Join the expedition

An all-terrain team is built with well thought out benefits. For this reason, we offer an array of employee benefits.

Employee Discounts

As a SAIL employee, you will benefit from a program that allows you to purchase items for you and your immediate family at a reduced cost, as of your third month of continued service with us. Some exceptions may apply, ask your manager!

Group Insurance

Have you completed your first three months of continued service as part of the SAIL team? We offer group insurance for our permanent, full-time employees, according to our insurer’s terms.

Partner Privilege Program

We aim to create value for our employees on a continual basis. So, we’ve partnered with members of our growing network of noteworthy companies who offer you discounts and privileges. Keep your ears open for the different deals offered every year.

Employee Assistance Program

None of us are immune to some bumps along the road. Therefore, we offer a free, confidential Employee Assistance Program for all our employees and their families from our trusted, expert partner.

And now, for some clips!

Working at SAIL can make all the difference in your journey. Here are some testimonies from our employees.