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I have no experience in customer service, can I still apply?

Yes! If want to be a part of the story, we will be happy to teach you the best customer service techniques we know.

I don’t practice many outdoor sports, will I still be considered?

Of course! We also have cashier and warehouse positions available which will allow you to take your first steps in our industry. For jobs at Head Office, the most important thing is the expertise that you have in your field. Don’t worry about the rest, you’re bound to be invited out on a fishing trip, it’s just a matter of going along!

What salary can I expect?

Our salaries are determined by our store managers or department directors who take into account your experience, your level of expertise, and the responsibilities that the position entails. A fair offer is made to all candidates whom we wish to hire.

What is the schedule like?

At Head Office, your work week can vary from 37.5 to 40 hours. In store, part-time employees work less than 30 hours per week, and need to be available a minimum of three shifts per week including one evening, one weekend day and another availability during the week. Full-time employees work approximately 40 hours a week and must be available at all times.

How old do I have to be to work at SAIL?

Given the current regulations, we accept applications from outdoor enthusiasts who are 16 and older.

When will I be contacted?

We receive many stories that we read with great interest. If your story corresponds with what we are looking for, we will contact you within two weeks following its reception.

Will there be an interview?

After having selected your story, we will phone you in order to learn more about you. If we believe that you will be a success at SAIL, you will be invited for a meeting in person.

Why don’t you ask for a resume?

If you wish to share it with us, don’t hesitate to attach it to your profile. However, we believe that it’s your story that makes you unique.

I don’t live in Canada. Do you offer work permits?

Canada is a paradise for outdoor-lovers and we have plenty of applicants who reside in the country. Consequently, we are not currently involved in any such program.


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