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Advisor, Training

Job Description:

 As Advisor, Training, you are the go-to person for our Head Office and stores when it comes to training. You will provide our managers and employees training programs so that they may focus on their development and meet objectives more efficiently.

Day-to-day, you will work alongside your Director, Human Resources. Your involvement includes:

  • Working closely with managers of all stores in Québec and Ontario in different departments, as well as with the departments of Head Office, and your team members in Human Resources.
  • Participating in the analysis and training needs.
  • Suggesting appropriate training according to the needs established, proceeding to research suppliers/partners who would be implicated or, in collaboration with subject matter experts, designing training tools that are adapted for the specific needs.
  • Carrying out the implementation of training programs by coordinating implementation calendars with different internal and external contributors.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of training plans and programs and making recommendations in order to ensure continual improvement and meet the needs of the organization.
  • Staying up-to-date with the best practices and latest trends with regard to training.

The best moments of your story have made you someone who:

  • has obtained either a university diploma, or work experience within a Human Resources Department in training and pedagogical design.
  • has built, over your 3 to 5-year experience in training, solid relationships where all collaborators value your expertise in helping improve competencies and create training programs.
  • has managed the creative aspects of the process, as well as the administrative and analytical aspects regarding planning, organization, and assessment of trainings in a successful and motivated way.
  • possesses a high capacity for listening, analysis, synthesis, and an ease for understanding business issues and how to transpose these into practical projects and results-oriented tactics.
  • likes to take on several projects at once while using your project management skills and feels less motivated in a routine.
  • is able to communicate your ideas in the right way and at the right time.
  • has excellent verbal and written communicational aptitudes, in both French and English.
  • is willing to travel within Québec and Ontario.
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