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Our best stories at Head Office

Meet the team

SAIL Head Office is more than 100 employees who work every day to make our company successful. Composed of six different departments, our Head Office is led by directors who each bring a unique set of tools and story to the mix. Get to know them!

Aaron Newnman



Aaron Newnham has been with us since 1998. His story began as a buyer and now he manages the entire purchasing team. Aaron trusts his teams; he gives them space to work autonomously, allowing them to carry out their own analyses, to observe trends and to contribute to the selection of products according to a shared vision. This gentleman inspires engagement and involves his team in the entire purchasing process. Made up of experts in their respective fields (clothing, camping, hunting, fishing, nautical, etc.), our purchasing team is quite the motley crew, but complement each other seamlessly. By the way, all of our head buyers were promoted internally!

Stefania Cella


Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting department is made up of people working in accounts payable, general accounting, payroll, and inventory control. Stefania Cella is our Director, Finance, and manages these “guardians of information” who use their meticulousness, their attention to detail and their strong work ethic in order to ensure exact “numbers” for our company. A part of the team since 1995, Stefania has developed sound processes and procedures which have proven to be extremely effective throughout the years. Working in collaboration with her controller and supervisors, Stefania looks for thorough people who are able to understand these procedures and will hold true to their implementation. She is known to be a caring manager, which probably explains why most of our members have been with us for more than five years.

Marielle Morand


Information Technology

Marielle Morand has fashioned the I.T. Department at SAIL into what it is today. With her strong analytical business sense and vast experience in retail, Marielle brings her unparalleled expertise to the team. Known for being calm against all odds and very attentive toward others and her surroundings, her openness is a trait that distinctively characterizes her. Her standards for quality are high and she looks to surround herself with people that share her vision – customer service and thorough savoir-faire have got to be part of the package!

Linda Laporte


Human Resources

Linda Laporte has recently joined the SAIL team and quickly earned her colleagues’ trust. Linda is passionate about retail; she has dedicated her entire career to it and would not hesitate to give up her office in order to work even more closely with our in-store teams. Always approachable and ready to lend a listening ear, her determination is beyond compare. An authentic and genuine manager, her team knows exactly what to expect: there are no problems, only a multitude of solutions. Her attentiveness and care are surely two of the factors that motivate her team! Linda looks to surround herself with people who, like her, want to give the best of themselves and aren’t afraid to excel.

Valérie’s best story

Valérie, our footwear buyer, loves running! She tells us how her life was changed by this sport.


It’s your time to shine. Have an incredible fishing story? You’re an avalanche magnet? You befriended a bear? We want to know.

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